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Use of auto-flow corundum castable 

The anti-erosion castable refractory is made of aggregate of special vitriol and corundum, powder and additive proportionally. CA-71 is added as the bond and the pulvis is also added in. It is a kind of good auto-flow castable with high anti-erosion ability, high temperature resistance, strong wallop and high stability under heat vibration.

It is recommended to be used in the part of complicated or easy been eroded of the boiler as an auto-flow corundum castable with high anti-erosion ability.

During the construction, mix the dry basis and added materials (additive, bond and pulvis) well with stirring mill before water is added into (about 5.5%). Then pour it into the form and vibrates to avoid and hole or seam. The form can be removed after 1-day maintenance.

Normally, the quality of auto-flow corundum castable has close relationship with stirring mill, the amount and purity of the water. Thus, it is required that stirring mill and water must be clean and you must keep eye on the amount of the water added in.

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