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The performance requirement of ladle covering agent

Ladle covering agent is used for heat preservation in ladle, good ladle covering agent is able to automatically break and spread out once put into ladle with molten steel to form a full cover with three layers melting structure, to prevent molten steel from reoxidation and heat radiation and absorb harmful subsidiaries on the molten steel surface. There should be no slag adhering, no carbon increasing, no erosion to the lining, no crusting, able to prolong ladle service life, easy to operate, decrease labor work.

1.Thermal insulation effect should be good, molten steel temperature drop should be less than 0.5℃/min.

2.Smaller specific weight, no splash when charging, good working condition, no pollution, safe, no bad influence on molten steel quality.

3.Round granular, good motility, in loose condition after charging, good spreadability, able to form a full cover in a short time.

4.No crusting.

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