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The main factors affect the performance of magnesia carbon bricks

The main factors affect the performance of magnesia-calcium brick include MgO / CaO ratio, chemical purity and density etc.

The MgO / CaO ratio of magnesia-calcium brick can increase high temperature resistance, chemical erosion resistance of slag,high temperature corrosion resistance and hydration resistance. But it will decrease the magnesia-calcium brick’s spalling resistance, resistance to the slag penetration and molten steel purification performance.

Adding some additives in the production of magnesia-calcium brick can improve some performances of the magnesia-calcium brick.

Add appropriate amount of ZrO2 can improve the performance of spalling resistance,  high temperature corrosion resistance and hydration resistance of the magnesia-calcium bricks. ZrO2 is called the "multi-functional" additives of magnesia-calcium brick.

At abroad, eye bricks of AOD furnace generally use high-purity, high density sintered magnesia dolomite brick with 1% content of ZrO2 with favorable results.

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