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How to choose suitable firebrick

Choose the right firebrick is very important, first of all, we need to know what is firebrick and the parameters and dimensions of refractory brick.

Usually refractory can be divided into three mail categories. First, ordinary type, also the most widely used type. The main difference of it lies in the shape that it has no concave corners. Second, another type is special shape refractory which is a new type of firebricks widely used in recent years. The weight of such kind brick is about 16kg and it has three concave corners approximately. It is an ideal choice for furnace construction and is also chosen by most people. Besides, special shape firebrick has three more grooves than ordinary type refractory. Third, this is a standard type firebrick. It is usually used for common furnace construction. If there are no other special requirements for brick bond, it’s better to use standard firebrick.

For choosing refractory, we can not only select according to categories, but also according to its colors. Yellow and dark yellow firebrick belongs to clay firebrick. Refractory with a relatively light color or in white is high alumina firebrick.

Except for the above mentioned elements, there are also many other things that needed our attention while choosing firebrick. Hope this article can do you some help in how to choose suitable firebrick.


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