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Remarks for remelting concrete molten steel in induction furnace

A sudden event can cause molten steel concrete in induction furnace, here are the things that should be kept in mind for remelting.

1.If the induction can not be restart in a short time, 3-5 steel tubes(diameter around 20mm) should be inserted in to the molten steel to ensure gas emmission during remelting.

2.Lean the induction furnace by 15 degree before the top concrete is melted.

3.Power should not be increased until the concrete is softened. If the temperature rises too fast, the expansion of metal exceeds which of lining material, lining material could be broken, induction furnace could be penetrated. After the concrete is softened, power can be rised to that of heat preservation till the surface of concrete is penetrated by the lower level molten steel, then set level of the induction furnace and start melting with normal power.

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