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Reasons for the blockage of Al-C submerged entry nozzle

1.The SiO2 and Fe2O3 in refractory nozzle react with the Al and Ti in molten steel and produce netted Al2O3 or high melting point substance containing Ti which adhere to the inner wall of nozzle and then cause blockage.

2.The SiO2 and Al2O3 in nozzle are reducted by graphite and then react with the Al and O in molten steel, which produce flocculent or powder powdered Al2O3 and cause the blockage.

3.The Al-C submerged entry nozzle is with good thermal conductivity, which generates a temperature difference between the inner wall of nozzle and molten steel, there could easily be a Al2O3 sedimentation.

4.The sedimentation of the deoxidation product Al from molten steel could make it easily adhere to the Al2O3 aggregates at the surface of refractory nozzle.

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