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Preventive measures for ladle boiling

If the cumulated alloys which wraps slags are not melted, when the alloys are melted, there could be some steam or calcium steam appear, which could expand rapidly and push the molten steel out of ladle; Some abrupt reaction could cause large amount of gas which leads to boiling. Here are some preventive measures:

1.when using alloys as deoxidizer during tapping, please don’t put the alloys at the bottom of ladle before tapping or put too much alloys during tapping.

2.Do not use oversize taphole.

3.Alloy chute should be at the right place to make sure the alloys are put at impact zone.

4.Do not keep too much slag at the bottom of ladle.

5.Do not use ladle stick with high alloy steel for tapping.

6.When the end point carbon is low, don’t use carburetant.

7.Improve end point carbon, reduce low carbon tapping.

8.Adopt bottom argon blowing during tapping.

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