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Precautions of magnesium refractory castables operation

(1) The vibrating bar must not touch the core and the heat insulating material, so it should be kept at a certain distance from the core and the heat insulating material, but it should not be larger than 50mm.

(2) The penetration depth of the vibrating bar shall not touch the underlying castable, but the distance from the lower layer shall not exceed 50 mm.

(3) The distance of the insertion point of the vibrating bar should not exceed 200mm, keep the uniform and dense vibration, and slowly lift the vibrating bar when it is pulled out. Do not pull out suddenly to avoid leaving holes.

(4) A special person should be in charge of mastering the vibrating rod. If it is found that there are unqualified quality requirements, it should be treated in time to continue construction.

(5) Pouring the wall of the package is usually two rounds of material vibration, each feeding thickness is about 250mm, to achieve uniform cloth, and pay attention to uniform vibration, avoid leakage vibration, vibration should be dense, no dead angle. To prevent the appearance of pockmarks, voids, etc. Vibration personnel and quality inspectors should be strictly controlled.


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