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The application of ladle castable

Castable is also called refractory castable. It is a kind of Granular and powdery material which is made of refractory material by adding a certain amount of bonding agent. The castable is unshaped material that has high fluidity, formed by casting way.

Compared with other unshaped refractory material, its binder and moisture is higher, fluidity is better. So it has more wide application. People can choose the different material and bonding agent according to the service conditions . Castables not only can be directly used by casting into the lining, but also can be used as prefabricated blocks by casting or ramming.

The castable that our company produced has good fluidity, appropriate solidification time, time-saving, fast and convenient, high strength and long service life. Also it has properties of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good thermal shock resistance.


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