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The application of Submerged entry nozzle

The submerged entry nozzle is a kind of fire resistant bushing for casting which is installed in the bottom of tundish and inserted below the molten steel of crystallizer.

Its main function is to avoid the two times oxidation and splashing of molten steel to and remove the air and inclusions of steel molten. The basic request of material for submerged entry nozzle is good resistance to molten steel,resistance to slag and shock resistance.

The submerged entry nozzle that we produced is characterized with uniform structure. low wettability with molten steel and good erosion resistance. So it can be applied for casting of many steel type. Alumina-carbon material submerged entry nozzle is made by using corundum and graphite as raw material, adding metallic silicon,silicon carbide etc. Shaped in the static press machine,then sintering.


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