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Matters needing attention before construction of corundum refractory castable

1.Before pouring the castables, it is necessary to check whether the nails are welded firmly. The parts above 500℃ should be heat-resistant nails.

2.The castable should be stored in the covered warehouse to avoid moisture, and the storage period should not exceed 4 months.

3.It must be mixed with a forced mixer or mortar mixer when using. Do not use hand mixing.

4.Must use clean water to stir and strictly control the water consumption.

5.When using, all the materials in the bag must be cleaned and cannot be taken out for use. Mixing of different grades of castables is not allowed.

6. The construction time is about 30 minutes, the condensed block can no longer be used.

7. The lining after construction can be demolished in one day, and then cured in natural air for one day. If it needs to be put into use, it can be baked.

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