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Installation of ladle slide gate and nozzle

1.Before installing the upper steel ladle, first check the use of the water block brick. When the pit or crack occurs, use the repair refractory material to repair it, and then proceed to the next step.
2. Take the water pipe test, check the gap between the nozzle brick and the brick and the positioning of the nozzle brick. It is forbidden to manually remove the head of the water inlet and install it.
3. After checking the appropriate, remove the nozzle brick and apply refractory mud evenly on the outer wall of the upper nozzle brick. The thickness of the refractory mud is controlled at about 10mm (according to the actual clearance). When the gap between the nozzle and the brick is large, the asbestos cloth can be used. The head of the nozzle is evenly wound separately.
4. When installing the water inlet, the nozzle brick should be smoothly fed into the brick. During operation, avoid the gap in the lower part of the nozzle brick.
5. The water inlet must be replaced during the following installation and use.
6. The distance between the installation and positioning of the water inlet is beyond the standard range, causing the steel between the water inlet and the upper sliding plate to be pulled or not.

7. The horizontal or vertical aperture of the water inlet is over 85mm.

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