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In recent years CWS gasifier refractory new configuration

In recent years, with the development of science, based on the consideration of cl ion corrosion gasifier wall, the dew point temperature of gasifier has been raised, and some lining structure and materials have been changed. At present, the new configuration scheme: the refractory lining of the gasifier is mainly divided into four layers from the inside to the outside: the facing surface is chrome aluminum zirconium brick, the back lining brick is chrome steel jade brick, the third layer is changing from the traditional hollow alumina hollow ball brick to the silicon carbide (SiC) brick and the fourth layer is refractory fiber or plastics.

By comparison, it can be found that the thermal conductivity of the two materials is quite different, and that the GE company chooses silicon carbide (SiC) brick as thermal insulation brick to ensure higher dew point temperature, so as to reduce the corrosion of furnace wall caused by cl ion and prolong the service life of gasifier.

Current domestic success example: Guangdong Petrochemical coal hydrogen production project, medium coal gas project and so on. The gasification process of a 300,000 ton synthetic ammonia 520,000 ton urea project under construction is based on the water and coal filling patent technology of GE Company, and the dew point temperature of gasifier is set to 238°C, taking into account the temperature conditions in the site of the project. The furnace wall temperature is 297-1844 ℃ in the highest temperature part (the bottom of the vault) under different working conditions.

The configuration of refractories is also a new type of configuration, that is, heat insulating bricks are made of carbonized hanging SIC bricks, which can fully meet the needs of the wall temperature of gasifier according to the calculation. The hot surface brick using Cr90 brick can also satisfy the scour of high temperature conversion gas and fluid-state cinder erosion.

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