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5 major influencing factors determine the quality of refractory castable

1. Apparent porosity

There are many factors affecting the porosity of refractory castables, but the influence of particle size distribution, vibration time and combined system is relatively large.

2. Normal temperature strength

There are many factors affecting the normal temperature strength of the castable, and the type and amount of the binder are one of the most important factors.

3. High-temperature strength

4. Thermal shock resistance

There are many factors affecting the thermal shock resistance of refractory castables, such as the chemical composition of the castable, the bond strength, the external temperature, the crystal transformation and the crystal structure, the tightness of the internal structure, etc.

5. Slag resistance

In the case of the same refractory material, the microstructure of the matrix in the material is a key factor in determining the slag resistance of the material.


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