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Erosion mechanism of sliding gates

Firstly, it is thermal mechanical erosion. The temperature of the skateboard before use is very low. When pouring, the inner hole of the sliding gates is suddenly exposed to high temperature molten steel (1600 °C) and is subjected to strong thermal shock (temperature change is about 1400 °C). Therefore, a tensile stress exceeding the strength of the sliding gate plate is generated outside the casting hole, resulting in the formation of radial micro-cracks centered on the casting hole. The appearance of cracks is conducive to the diffusion, accumulation and penetration of foreign impurities, and accelerates chemical erosion. At the same time, the chemical erosion reaction promotes the formation and expansion of cracks, and the circulation causes the sliding holes of the slide to be gradually enlarged and damaged. Moreover, the scouring of high-temperature molten steel can damage the refractory material with the friction part of the steel, and cause peeling and falling off.

High temperature and chemical attack is another major cause of skateboard damage. The refractory material for the skateboard is exposed to high-temperature molten steel and slag during use, and a series of chemical reactions occur, causing chemical attack.

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