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Condition for sintering of a newly lined furnace with neutral ramming mass

1. Add ferronickel or top crops and back end crops to the bottom of the furnace, (the center must be flattened), sintering can be started when the furnace is half full.

2.  When sintering, the voltage should start from 100kw. After half an hour of operation, the voltage can be pulled to about 250kw. At the same time, it is necessary to constantly observe whether the forma is cut off due to excessive voltage and the furnace is bulged. If one of them occurs, The voltage should be lowered immediately, and the scrape in the furnace should be red before pouring in molten steel.(It is recommended that the furnace be sintered for no less than 3 hours)

3. The temperature of the molten steel should not be lower than 1600 ℃. After the molten steel is filled, the voltage should be pulled to 800kw. The voltage should be pulled up by 100kw to 150kw every 10 minutes till the temperature reaches 1720 ℃. The holding time should be no less than two hours. (During the heat preservation period, the voltage should be reduced to 500kw. The temperature should be measured once every half hour, and the temperature should be slightly raised when it is lower than 1690 ℃. If it is higher than 1710 ℃, go straight to tapping). When the furnace is started cold, it is necessary to check whether there are any cracks in the furnace. If there is, it is necessary to inform the furnace repairer. After the repair is completed, the voltage of the furnace should be pulled to 200kw, and after half an hour of preheating, slowly pull up the voltage at the rate of 200kw in each half hour, it cannot be operated blindly. Otherwise, foreign substance will go into the cracks, causing penetration of molten steel. When the furnace is in normal operation, it is necessary to observe whether the furnace is leaking ramming mass. Whenever the molten steel is tapped out, it is necessary to see if there is any problem in the furnace to carry out the operation of the furnace to ensure the normal production of the furnace.

Note: To prevent thermal damage and mechanical damage, it is important to use the specified type and size of ramming mass for sintering. Medium-sized, densely packed, mild chemical properties aggregates should be used, and care should be taken when feeding. As the melting progresses, the feed should be periodically applied.

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