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Cause of electrode damage

1. Electrode end face consumption. Cause: Continuous sublimation at high temperature; thermal stress is generated in the electrode to peel off; when the slag layer is thick, the electrode end is in contact with the slag liquid phase and is partially melted.

2. The side of the electrode is consumed. When the temperature exceeds 400℃, oxygen can penetrate into the graphite surface to oxidize. Oxidation is exacerbated when the temperature exceeds 550-600℃.

3. The electrode is broken. Causes of fracture: failure of the electrode lifting system; improper distribution of scrap steel in the furnace, collapse of the bulk material, and improper melting process.

4. Stump consumption. In order to prevent the electrode tip from inadvertently falling into the molten steel and increasing carbon, it is usually manually removed. The loss of this part can be as high as 5%.

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