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Brief description of LF refining process

1. Blowing argon;

Blowing argon starts from tapping until the ladle reaches the LF waiting position.

2. Ladle to LF waiting position;

After the ladle reaches the LF waiting position, the argon blowing tube is turned on, and ensured the argon blowing amount.

3. Refining slag;

The purpose of making refining slag: desulfurization, absorption of inclusions in molten steel, prevention of secondary oxidation, etc.

4. Ladle sampling;

After heating and treating the slag (the slag is basically whitened), measure the temperature, take the first sample, add the alloy, homogenize and adjust the temperature.

5. Feed the Ca-Si wire;

The best feeding time is that the molten steel is in good composition, good fluidity and not breaking the slag layer.

6. Stop blowing argon, ladle hanging to continuous casting.

After stirring for 5 minutes with argon, add covering agent.

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