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Basic requirements for refractories for masonry coke ovens

The wall of the carbonization chamber have heat transfer effect in the production process, it also bear the upper masonry and furnace top charging car weight, so the performance requirements of masonry has good high-temperature thermal conductivity and high load deformation. In addition, the wall of the carbonization chamber by coal ash, slag, influence of graphite deposition occurred water and acid gas the erosion and infiltration of methane within the interstices of the brick, so the brick body should have high temperature anti erosion performance. The influence of temperature and coal requirements of brick with properties can undergo drastic changes in the temperature at 600 degrees and above. The bottom brick carbonization chamber should also have high abrasion strength. So the carbonization chamber parts should use high-strength brick.

The furnace head, temperature is difference between the inside and outside,  also under the pressure of the guard plate requirements has good anti shock property and high temperature compressive strength.

Bearing partition regenerator, so can use of high strength silica brick. But lattice brick usage is for function of storage, temperature changes much, thus requiring large volume density, anti blast temperature performance is good, so use the brick clay brick as checker bricks.

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