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Anti-stripping performance of magnesium-calcium brick

During the use of magnesium-calcium bricks, the working end is cracked and peeled off due to changes in furnace temperature and slag penetration. Therefore, improving the spalling resistance of magnesium-calcium bricks is also one of the main ways to increase the service life of magnesium-silica brick linings.

The pores in the magnesia calcium bricks can buffer the thermal stress in the magnesia-calcium bricks, prevent cracks from being generated and further expand, and help to improve the heat-stripping performance of the magnesia-calcium bricks. However, the pores in the magnesia-calcium bricks make it easier for the slag to infiltrate into the interior of the brick, forming a thicker deteriorating layer, and accelerating the structural peeling of the magnesia-calcium brick. Therefore, in practical applications, comprehensive consideration should be given to various factors to determine the porosity of magnesium-calcium bricks.

In the production of magnesium-calcium brick, increase the proportion of large particles, and appropriately reduce the ratio of the middle particles and fine powder, can increase the anti-stripping performance of magnesia-calcium brick.

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