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Accident handling and prevention of ladle leakage

1. Causes of Leakage

(1) Molten steel temperature is too high, and with strong oxidation;

(2) The quality of refractory materials or ladle masonry is not good;

(3) The quality of purging-plug at the bottom of ladle is poor;

(4) Ladle slide gate plate or nozzle is not properly installed.

2. Accident Handling

(1) When leakage occurs, the BOF must be lifted immediately to stop tapping;

(2) At the same time, the steel ladle transfer car shall be driven away to avoid damage.

(3) Lift ladle to the accident treatment area;

(4) Inform the relevant personnel around the operation area to pay attention to the leaked ladle, and avoid it in time.

3. Prevention of ladle leakage

(1) Check the ladle carefully;

(2) Quality acceptance of refractory materials;

(3) Check the masonry quality of ladle working layer;

(4) Used ladle before re-use, the residual steel slag must be removed under red hot conditions, and the erosion must be checked in detail;

(5) When the ladle is hot-repaired, it is important to check the installation quality of the purging plug, nozzles, and slide gate plate.

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