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The application of refractory motar

Refractory motar is composed of refractory powder, bond agent and additive agent. Almost all refractory raw material can be used to make refractory powder to produce refractory morta. Ordinary refractory motar is made of refractory powder, adequate plastic binder and plasticizer. Its room temperature is low, the formation of high temperature ceramic bonding with high strength. The combination of hydraulic, gas hard or thermosetting binder is called as chemical bonding refractory clay, it is a formation of a certain chemical reaction and hardening before the formation of ceramic bonding temperature. Refractory clay particle size varies according to the requirements, the ultimate size is generally less than 1mm, and some less than 0.5mm or smaller. Refractory motar according to the composition of the different materials can be divided into: dry soil refractory motar, high alumina refractory mortar, siliceous refractory motar, magnesia refractory mortar.