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The application of high alumina brick

High alumina brick is a kind of refractory, whose main component is Al2O3. For example, Al2O3 is high than 90$, called as corundom brick. Because of different resources, different countries have different standards. For example, European countries regulate that the lowest limit of Al2O3 is 42%. And in China, high alumina brick is divided into three classes based on Al2O3 component. Ⅰclass──Al2O3 >75%;Ⅱclass──Al2O3 is about 60~75%;Ⅲ class──Al2O3 is about 48~60%.

Mainly used for masonry blast furnace, hot stove, furnace top, blast furnace, reverberatory furnace, rotary kiln lining. In addition, high alumina brick is also widely used as open hearth regenerative checker bricks, gating system with plug head, outlet brick. But the price of high-alumina brick clay brick than high, so with clay brick to meet the requirements of the place do not have to use high-alumina brick.