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The application of corundum castable

High-strength wear-resistant castable corundum for the aggregate, high-quality phosphate cement binder, plus a number of additives from the preparation, used as a hot furnace lining high temperature wear parts of a highly rigid refractory castable. High-strength wear-resistant castable is a kind of cement-based composite single-component dry mortar, prepared by high-strength cement, mineral admixture, high-strength aggregate and anti-cracking and anti-wear agent. High-strength wear-resistant castable site can be used to stir the water, the construction of good performance.


1. Power generation industry, coal ditch, coal bucket, coal storage warehouse, dry coal gate, tipping machine, slag machine, water treatment.

2. Chemical industry's anti-corrosion ground, pump base and so on.

3. Coal industry, media barrels, scraper, bucket machine, chute, sieve under the funnel and other wear-resistant liner.

4. Steel industry, blast furnace mixing silo, feeder, the ball machine.


1. High strength, high wear resistance, impact resistance, anti-erosion, anti-oil infiltration

2. Good flame retardant, low water absorption, high and low temperature resistance

3. Good durability, long service life

4. Construction is simple, fast operation, easy to master

5. Good integrity, easy to repair, easy to fall off

6. Non-toxic, tasteless, green, no physical damage to the operator