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Outside furnace refining with powder

The outside of the furnace refining, in particular is injection metallurgy and ladle spray powder method the main material. Refining with powder metal-powder: CaSi, Mg, B, Al, CaC2, the CaCN, CaCl2, CaSiBa, the CaSiBaAl, the CaSiMn, And SiZr, and rare earth metals(RE)and the like; non-metallic powder: CaO, S, CaO-CaF2, CaO-A12O3, CaO-CaF2-A12O3 and the like; mixed powders(metal type and nonmetal type hybrid): CaO-CaF2-CaSi, Ca-Mg, CaO-Al And CaO-CaC2, CaO-CaF2-CaC2, CaO-CaF2-CaSiBa, etc. Refined powders can be made love doll directly to powder form added to the liquid steel, also available with tin-coated made of a core wire to feed the line form to join. The refining agent is added directly to the molten steel inside the CAN to prevent oxidation, the reaction area, reaction speed, reaction path length, can give full play to the role, to obtain a higher yield. If at the same time the use of gas stirring, the reaction product of the polymerization and float to create favorable conditions. Ca-Si powder, rare earth core wire, lime-based powders, pre-melt synthetic slag powder and white slag-based dusts are the most commonly used several.


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