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Light weight mullite brick

Light weight mullite brick is also called mullite material light weight insulating brick. We choose good quality and high purity refractory powder , add organic composite filler according to requested product proportion, then take vacuum extrusion molding,and bond with high temperature to produce the light weight mullite products.

Light weight mullite insulating brick are widely used in hot face refractory lining or insulation layer of a variety of thermal equipment with light weight and good thermal performance to create conditions for improving the energy utilization of equipment. It can be applied in the hot face lining and back lining for various industrial furnace like Metallurgy, petrochemical, building materials, ceramics and machinery. The usual specification is 230*114*65 mm.


1. Low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity

2. High purity, low impurities

3. High strength, good thermal shock resistance.


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