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How to introduce the refractory brick density to others

When customers purchase firebrick from us, and we certainly have to introduce them a range of knowledge about firebrick, and the density of firebrick most need to know, let our technician to tell you how to introduce customers firebrick density.

Firebrick densities are based on different raw materials to the decision, because if the density of refractory bricks are the same, then it shows all aspects of the refractory bricks are the same, so if we choose firebrick, what does that mean? The density of the refractory bricks so we made a classification according to the material used in refractory bricks. The density of the refractory bricks and refractory bricks may also be resistant to some of the impurities in the outside world.

Refractory bricks density of different materials:

Ordinary firebrick: 1.8 ~ 2.0g / cm3

Dense firebrick: 2.05 ~ 2.20g / cm3

Silica brick: 1.80 ~ 1.95g / cm3

Magnesia brick: 2.60 ~ 2.70g / cm3

Alumina magnesia brick: 2.90 ~ 3.00g / cm3

Alumina bricks: 2.25 ~ 2.30g / cm3

Comprehensive above described, for the density of refractory bricks knowledge you have some understanding of it, so you know how to introduce others firebrick, if you want to ask for more knowledge about the firebrick remember to consult us.


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