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How to cast refractory castable construction methods in different seasons

Refractory castable construction requirements:

1. Winter construction refers to the ambient temperature at +5 ℃ ~ -5 ℃ when the construction. The temperature below -5 ℃ when only the adoption of a reliable anti-cold measures after the construction of gas.

2. Winter construction must refer to winter construction skills initiatives. To do a good job on the work environment of the block, the wind, heating and warm work, to keep the masonry after the temperature of +5 ℃.

3. During the winter construction of castable material, the dry material should be stored in the heating room, and with water spices, mixing material temperature maintained at 10 ℃ or more. Loss of additional chemical accelerator or antifreeze.

4. Winter in the furnace construction, the first insulation layer should be good to mobilize the refractory layer of anti-freeze ability. After construction, masonry covered with plastic sheeting, and then covered with dried vegetables. On the new puzzle kiln, the insulation time shall not be less than 10 days. Prohibit the masonry has been mastered in the cold majestic among them.

5. Rainy day construction should be transferred to the indoor homework. All materials, handling tools, workplaces and masonry will rain. Unfinished buildings to cover the top, plug holes and plugging. The top of the blast furnace has been completed to block the air. The completed ground prefabricated pieces are to be capped and banned soaked in water

6. When the ambient temperature ≥ 30 ℃, can be regarded as summer construction. Summer construction, water temperature, material temperature should be manipulated below 30 ℃. The sun under the exposure of the material should be cooled before cooling.

7. During the summer construction of refractory castables should try to arrange in the morning or evening to carry out. After pouring should be covered with curtains, should be sprinkled with water cooling.