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High alumina high strength castable

High alumina high strength castables is low cement castable with cement content of less than 8%. Its difference between ordinary refractory castable is that most of the matrix of calcium aluminate cement is substituted by superfine powder, In conjunction with an appropriate amount of additive. It meets and exceeds performance ordinary cement castable.

Its main features are as follows:

1.Low cement content, that is, low calcium oxide content, reducing the generation of low-melting substance in the material, thereby increasing refractoriness, high temperature strength and resistance to slag product.

2.Stirring castable is only about one-half of ordinary water , thus increasing the density of the castable, porosity decreases.

After forming conservation, it generates less cement hydrates. During heating and baking, there is no water leakage or reducing the intensity of temperature conditions, But as the temperature increases, the material is sintered gradually, continuously improve strength.